My-AW Android utility

My AssessmentWorld

The mobile interface for Surveys and 360 Degree evaluations on AssessmentWorld.

The My-AW App

Traditionally, Assessment World Testing was done either on the web or scores from paper an pencil administrations are captured on special input screens. However, to further ease the capturing of results, we have built a special Android app call My-AW. This free app enables you to do 360 Degree assessments as well as Surveys directly on a mobile app (running on employees' smartphones.) All that you need to do is register your Mobile domain name on the AssessmentWorld platform, and direct participating employees to the My-AW site to download the app.


Brief description

AssessmentWorld is a platform on which world class psychometric solutions are made available at very affordable prices. We feature sophisticated software tools to make the tasks normally associated with testing small or large numbers of people a breeze. A large selection of Psychometric instrumentation from various Test publishers as well as in-house solutions are available.

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