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My-AW App

Traditionally, Assessment World Testing was done either on the web or scores from paper an pencil administrations are captured on special input screens. However, to further ease the capturing of results, we have built a special Android app call My-AW. This free app enables you to do 360 Degree assessments as well as Surveys directly on a mobile app (running on employees' smartphones.) All that you need to do is register your Mobile domain name on the AssessmentWorld platform, and direct participating employees to the My-AW site to download the app.

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Assessment World

AssessmentWorld is a platform on which world class psychometric solutions are made available at very affordable prices. We feature sophisticated software tools to make the tasks normally associated with testing small or large numbers of people a breeze.

A large selection of Psychometric instrumentation from various Test publishers as well as in-house solutions are available.

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My-AW Explained

The My-AW Android App was developed to make the rolling out of a 360 Degree assessment throught a Department or even an entire company much less of a logistical nightmare. Instead of having to constantly monitor progress and send repeated emails to follow up on assessments, you simply direct participants to this site in order to download the App.

Step 1: Setup your domain

On the main AssessmentWorld page (as well as on the 360 degree assessment module and the Survey module), there is an option for setting up your My-AW Domain.
This quite simply involves choosing a unique name for your use as your Domain name. This can be anything, but works best if you choose something sensible like your Company name. Something descriptive enough yet short and simple enough so that your users can easily enter it into their My-AW Apps.
The System will verify if your Domain is unique and available for you to register.

Step 2: Send out nominations and/or invitations to download My-AW

When you nominate people to participate in a survey or a 360 Degree evaluation, the email will automatically contain a reference to the My-AW App (in addition to normal instructions about answering the questions on a web browser).
However, if you want to send out your own invitation to employees (or other participants), simply include link to this site, in your email together with your Domain name. Participants will need to log in with their email address and a password that you have chosen for them. Include this in the email as well.

Step 3: Installing and using the App

We suggest that as the main user of the system you familiarise yourself with the App. Install it and nominate yourself for a survey and/or to do some 360 Degree evaluations. This will allow you to see how the app notifies you about outstanding assessments when you log in, and will allow you to see how results are immediately available within the AssessmentWorld systems when a candidate has completed an evaluation.

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